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I didn’t expect to love Metalocalypse so hard. Doomstar Requiem though. ROCK OPERAS THOUGH.

my warm up sketches are slightly skewed towards one character. I think I need to make a side blog.

  02/21/14 at 11:46pm


what a joyous time of year

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Not really sure what I was expecting to draw….but this wasn’t it

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  08/23/12 at 07:06pm
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The full Dethalbum III details are available now. Our Nikki lets you know about them. 

Some stuff we knew the other day, some we didn’t. Also, a cover! 

Also, the Season 4 DVD & Blu-ray is out October 30th, just in time to make your Halloween all the more brutal. 



random lineup

  08/11/12 at 02:20am


The Duke immediately reminded me of someone when I first saw him but I couldn’t quite place it. And then I realized he was like a more flamboyant version of 80sglam!Pickles. 

  08/05/12 at 10:59pm



So this is a thing that just happened on my dash.

  07/29/12 at 12:33am

So this is the first of my SDCC posts now that I’m (regrettably) back home!  Obviously Dethklok-themed.

1.  The amazingly talented Becky Cloonan drew Nathan for me WOW! HOT a What baabhabhiat.

2.  I commissioned my bff Allie for Nathan and Pickles.  u3u

3.  ….And then I bought her a shirt so she would draw them again.

4.  …………………And then Brendon Small signed a page in my sketchbook and I had her draw Nathan next to it.

5.  Oh yeah, did I mention we met Brendon Small after the concert on the Midway?  And that he signed my CD sleeve?  And put my Sharpie cap in his mouth?  That was a thing that happened.  We got a picture with him but that will never see the light of day because wow we were gross.  Con funk on top of metal concert funk never again.

6.  I saw Jon Schnepp in a comic store in LA after the con and asked him to sign my Dethalbum II sleeve since I still had it on me!  I didn’t even ask him to draw anything what a sweetie. 

  07/25/12 at 12:39am

toki wartooth plz

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  05/14/12 at 07:49pm
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Pickles and Nathan in S04E03


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my favourite part was drawing dots on their noses *u*

  05/03/12 at 03:29pm
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Toki appreciation post. (°╭ ◡ ╮°)

Next time I’ll draw other characters as well, I promise…

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  04/15/12 at 10:15pm
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We are on the precipice of something great.

‘…and it’s not just Skwisgaar Skwigelf’s ass in those jeans.’

Adult Swim’s words; not mine. Seriously — check the full description of the video at the source.

(I’d say ‘arse’, obvs.)


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  04/12/12 at 02:01am