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The Duke immediately reminded me of someone when I first saw him but I couldn’t quite place it. And then I realized he was like a more flamboyant version of 80sglam!Pickles. 

  08/05/12 at 10:59pm

So this is the first of my SDCC posts now that I’m (regrettably) back home!  Obviously Dethklok-themed.

1.  The amazingly talented Becky Cloonan drew Nathan for me WOW! HOT a What baabhabhiat.

2.  I commissioned my bff Allie for Nathan and Pickles.  u3u

3.  ….And then I bought her a shirt so she would draw them again.

4.  …………………And then Brendon Small signed a page in my sketchbook and I had her draw Nathan next to it.

5.  Oh yeah, did I mention we met Brendon Small after the concert on the Midway?  And that he signed my CD sleeve?  And put my Sharpie cap in his mouth?  That was a thing that happened.  We got a picture with him but that will never see the light of day because wow we were gross.  Con funk on top of metal concert funk never again.

6.  I saw Jon Schnepp in a comic store in LA after the con and asked him to sign my Dethalbum II sleeve since I still had it on me!  I didn’t even ask him to draw anything what a sweetie. 

  07/25/12 at 12:39am

oops I actually cried through the entire last half of this episode for so many reasons wow thanks for yanking my heart in half Brendon

  07/16/12 at 03:35am

when I think this show can’t get gayer it does

and I’m okay with that


my favourite part was drawing dots on their noses *u*

  05/03/12 at 03:29pm
via siins

Starting this shit out with two of my favorite bros ever, drawn for me for Dethmas by the most metal pal ever, rhalabeast.

  02/21/11 at 10:11pm